All pieces shown in this gallery are for sale.
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Photography by: Kate Cameron and Aerin Dietz.

About Clayton Thiel’s Ceramic Sculptures & Wall Pieces

Glaze and underglazes are what makes my ceramic sculptures colorful. They are weather durable because they are not painted. Glazes are fired onto the clay. Each piece I make for indoor and outdoor display, comes with its own handmade weather durable pedestal. All clay sculptures are hollow, so artwork and pedestal can be sleeved over a metal armature to prevent lateral movement in case of earthquake or other hazards. A tile sealer is applied to completed pieces so that sculptures are easy to clean. My sculptures appear heavier and more massive than they actually are, because they are hollow.

About Clayton Thiel’s Ceramic Sculptures

The theme that all the Big Heads have in common is of a dreamer dreaming. Whatever I carve into or sculpt onto the head is what the dreamer is dreaming. The head with landscapes have all the attributes of elemental design; earth, air, fire and water. The totem animals that accompany the shaman figures are akin to a wizard and his familiar. The most recent wall hangings are inspired my one of my art heroes, print maker Leonard Baskin, who was famous for a series of magical bird man images. My sculptures are narrative.  They invite the viewer to invent their own story.

Vessel Sculptures & Wall Hangings

Big Heads

Shamanic Figures

Stone Sculptures